InflataFix® is a new and innovative way to fix holes in drywall or plasterboard walls and ceilings that offers a fast, cost-effective solution to both tradespersons, handymen and DIY guys and girls.

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THe Problem

Repairing small diameter plasterboard holes in walls and ceilings is a relatively expensive and time-intensive process usually requiring a professional or competent DIYer, working over a long period of time (12-24 hours).

We Have the Solution

The Solution

InflataFix® provides a quick, easy, cheap and secure method to repair plasterboard holes using inflatable back-blocking in easy-to-use kits. It has the potential to be the new industry standard of repairing holes under 150mm in diameter.

InflataFix. A simple all in one kit with an inflatable back block system and a specially formulated fast drying smooth plaster.

  • Fixes holes in minutes, not days
  • NO rust stains
  • NO glue required
  • NO awkward workarounds

Not only is InflataFix faster and easier, but it also has a superior finish and is the best value on the market.

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InflataFix wall repair solution